Why the Kucoin hack and BitMEX indictment had little impact on Bitcoin

The growing interest of big players has backed Bitcoin even in difficult times.

Within a few days, charges were recently brought against the crypto trading platform BitMEX and the crypto exchange KuCoin was the victim of a serious hacker attack, although both events had hardly any effect on the Bitcoin ( BTC ) price .

Alex Svetski, the CEO of the crypto investment app Amber, sees this as being due to a number of factors

„The Bitcoin rate is a function of global demand, limited circulation and increasing scarcity,“ as he initially stated in relation to Cointelegraph. He refers to the recurring “halving” of the rate of increase in the amount of Bitcoin in circulation, which over time continues to reduce the supply.

And he goes on to explain:

“If more and more people buy Bitcoin, especially when large companies do this, this not only results in a bottoming out for the price, but rather it is pushed higher and higher. In addition, large companies in particular often keep their Bitcoin funds outside of crypto exchanges, which means that they are no longer available for sale. “

In fact, over the course of 2020, more and more large investors and companies have invested in the market-leading cryptocurrency, including software maker MicroStrategy, investment guru Paul Tudor Jones, and payment service provider Square.